Play With Fire and Glass: Introductory Glassblowing Lessons

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Get your feet wet and begin to explore the creative world of melting glass in the flame! Smash, twist, and stretch clear and colored glass rods and start to explore the beautiful world of glassblowing! These classes are primarily to play around and explore!

We will cover basic safety practices and torch use, then get a hands-on feel for the material in its molten state! This class is intended for anyone curious about glassblowing and wondering about deeper pursuits through more classes; start here and let's have fun!

This class is 3 hours long and everything will be provided for you!

What you will learn:

  • Safe Work Habits
  • How to identify basic tools and their functions
  • How to light and adjust the torch
  • How to cut glass and weld glass together
  • How to add color to glass
  • How to make a marble

Learn about studio equipment and witness demonstrations that display how to work safely. The instructor will be presenting a few beginning techniques and movements that are core to glassblowers throughout the entirety of their careers! Each student then gets an opportunity to begin melting hot glass in the flame at their own workstation! Nearing the end of class, the instructor will help you complete at least one piece of glass to bring home from the experience!

We are located at:
1622 Southpark Court, Suite C
Columbus, IN 47201

Thoughtfully designed and built with community in mind, the studio space features a large central workspace with the capability to comfortably host 7 artists with fully equipped workstations. If you'd like to inquire about workspace for rent, please contact us via e mail, we'd love to hear from you!